Cornelia Koppang Henriksen


Briskebyveien 2
0259 Oslo






Kort om meg

I studied Multimedia Journalism at James Cook University in Australia, and I have been working with Sunnhordland and Varden. Write and talk, both nynorsk, bokmål and English.


I enjoy doing investigative features, deep dives into something interesting and exciting, or tabu. I also hope to write for a human rights magazine, as I itch to help people open their eyes and create a bigger understanding of the world with its wonders and evils. In my dreams of the future I am also always exploring new places around the globe. Mix all of this together and add a hint of music, then you will be able to see the future Cornelia Koppang Henriksen.

I mainly prefer writing, but I have experience with video and radio journalism as well. Computer programs and systems I have been using: Word, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Audacity, Labrador, Polopoly.


Bokmål, Nynorsk

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